Sunday, December 20, 2020

New 'commercial' and 'national' plates to be issued as of 1 January 2021

New 'commercial' and 'national' plates to be issued as of 1 January 2021

Old (1-Z** type) dealer and road tests plates are no longer issued, although those with the new '21' sticker will remain valid until 31 December 2021. The DIV website reads:

"Les plaques prolongées ou délivrées par la DIV jusqu’au 14 décembre 2020 restent valables jusqu’au 31 décembre 2021. Ces plaques gardent leur ancienne numération et restent également soumises aux anciennes conditions d’utilisation." (Source: DIV)
"Kentekenplaten die door de DIV zijn verlengd of uitgegeven tot 14 december 2020 blijven geldig tot 31 december 2021. Deze kentekenplaten behouden hun oude nummering en blijven ook onderworpen aan de oude gebruiksvoorwaarden." (Bron: DIV)


Here is an overview of the new 'commercial' plates.

  • Y = index letter for road tests plates
  • Z = index letter for dealer plates
  • V = index letter for 'professional' plates (for businesses doing bodywork or mechanical repairs)

A validity sticker is placed between the letters and the digits.

Type of plate

Long format

Square format

Small format (or 'bike' format)

Micro format (or 'scooter' format)

Road tests



(Note that it is likely that square format plates will use the letter Y as second letter, e.g. Y-AYA 001 for square road tests plates. Trailer series will probably benefit from a specific coding, e.g. Z-QAA-001.)

 More info can be found on the DIV website:


Here is an overview of the new 'national' plates:

They have a validity of 20 days, indicated by two stickers. A front plate will be supplied with the official rear plate — at least for vehicles requiring a front plate. The plates will not need to be scraped at bpost, as they will become automatically void at the end of the validity period.

Type of plate

Long rectangular plate

Square plate

Small plate ('bike' format)

Micro plate ('scooter' plate)

National plate



 More info can be found on the DIV website: