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Here's a list of frequently asked questions about Belgian licence plates. (Work in progress)

Plates-related questions

Q: What's the most recent registration plate issued in Belgium?
A: Please check the main page to find out which combinations are currently being issued. The page is typically updated several times a day.
Q: How much does a licence plate cost? How much does a registration cost?
A: All official Belgian licence plates cost 30 euros; this sum of money is to be given to the bpost employee when he/she delivers it you you. The cost of the registration itself (i.e. the administrative act) depends on some of your vehicle's characteristics (e.g. horsepower, CO2…) and the region where you live. The only exception are the export and temporary plates, which cost 75 euros because you get a rear plate and a front plate.

Q: What do I get for 30 euros?
A: You only get the official plate, which you should mount at the back of your car. It is up to you to buy a front plate, which must respect certain requirements (e.g. characters font, colour, etc.). I personally recommend, because the front plates are made in the same factory as the state-provided plates.

Q: How much does a vanity plate cost?
A: There is a special fee for booking a vanity plate, amounting presently to 2,000 euros. You have to pay an extra 30 euros when you receive the official plate via bpost. In total, it would cost you 2,030 euros (+ costs for the front plate).

Q: Can plates with index 1 be personalized?
A: It is absolutely impossible because plates are issued by a centralized system. However, you can register your vehicle at the right time: thanks to the information provided by this site, many people have managed to get nice combinations for themselves or their cars, e.g. 1-AUD, 1-BMW, 1-GTI, 1-JAN, 1-LUC, 1-PAT.

Q: What's the status of my licence plate?
A: You can check whether your plate is currently registered or scrapped on the DIV website, using the second field. It also gives you the date when the last change was carried out.

Q: Where is my plate?
A: You can check the status of your registration on the bpost website (in Dutch or French); type in your combination in the second field.

Q: Who does this plate belong to?
A: Such information is private. Unless you are part of the Belgian Police, there is no way to find out the owner of a given car. This site and its administrator have no links with the Belgian Police.

Q: Where do I mount the official plate on my vehicle?
A: At the rear of your vehicle, in the space provided by the car manufacturer. Make sure not to drill any extra holes in the plate: that would be illegal.

Q: Where can I get a front plate?
I personally recommend, because the front plates are made in the same factory as the state-provided plates.

Q: My plate is too long for the space my rear bumper, what do I do?
A: Such a thing can happen if you own a car imported from the USA or Japan, a Range Rover Defender type of vehicle or a truck. You can order a duplicate of your combination in another format, e.g. square (340x21 cm) or small (21x14 cm).

Site-related questions

Q: Is there a list of Belgian vanity plates?
A: I used to keep track of that, but due to a lack of time, the Autoforum list is not updated anymore.

Q: How often does this site get updated?
A: Several times a day. Because this is not an automatized process, updates have to be carried out manually, when time allows.

Q: Do you have access to the Belgian vehicle database?
A: No, I don't have such access. Only habilitated DIV civil servants and Police officers have access to the vehicle database for concerns of privacy.

Q: Do you sell licence plates?
A: No. This is not a collector's site; the purpose is to share information about Belgian licence plates and their issuance.

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