Saturday, December 3, 2016

Which series are currently being issued? (3 December 2016)

Cars: 1-REV-1** (3 December 2016, 7.32 a.m.)

Series issued today: REV

Cars, square format: 1-CYU 67*; cars, small format: 1-AZR 76*

Dealers: 1-ZAZ-684; square format: 1-ZRA 023

Road tests: 1-ZZS-153; square format: 1-ZXA 045

Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 478

Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 342

Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-259; square format: 1-ZUZ 001

Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-529; square format: 1-ZZQ 003 

Index letters

CD: Corps Diplomatique

Cars: CD-AP-24*; square format: CD-YA 181; small format: CD-ZA 067

Motorcycles: CD-MA 054

G: agricultural vehicles

Tractor plates: G-LCA-057; square format: G-LXJ 36*; small format: G-LZD 837

M: motorcycles

Small format: M-AJS 9**

O: oldtimers

Cars: O-ACL-66*; square format: O-AYH 380; small format: O-AZF 887

Motorcycles: O-MAF 678

Trailers: O-QAA-106; square format: O-QYA 028; small format: O-QZA 001

Scooters, A Class: O-SAA 102 [Yet another problem: issuance seems was stuck between 30 September and 5 October…; issuance skipped from O-SAA-102 to O-SAA-201] OSAA 390

Scooters, B Class: O-SBA 529 [Yet another problem: issuance seems was stuck between 30 September and 4 October…; issuance skipped from O-SBA 529 to O-SBA 601] OSBB 443

Scooters, Micro cars: [none yet; O-SUA]; small format: O-SUW 002

Q: trailers

Long format: Q-ADV-5**; square format: Q-AYC 558; small format: Q-AZA 032

S: scooters

A Class, micro format (10 x 12 cm): SAEK 46* [NEW SERIES! First plate issued on 1 October 2016!]
Discontinued, small format: S-ABK-217 [Issuance seemed to be stuck again since 30 September…] 
[Update 10 October: it seems it was stuck because of skipped combinations because of the issuance of the new, micro format of scooter plates, 10 x 12 cm, as of 1 October 2016.]
[Plates S-ABH-108 to S-ABH-207 were skipped on 13 September for an unknown reason. The skipped numbers were issued on 22 and 23 September 2016, after issuance had reached S-ABJ-345. After S-ABH-207 was registered, issuance resumed at S-ABJ-346.]

B Class, micro format (10 x 12 cm): SBFT 90* [NEW SERIES! First plate issued on 5 October 2016!]
Discontinued, small format: S-BCC 990 [Update 10 October: it seems issuance was stuck because of the issuance of the new, micro format of scooter plates, 10 x 12 cm, as of 3 October 2016.]

[On 23 September 2016, issuance stopped at S-BCB 999 for an unknown reason; the following numbers were not issued until 29 September… It is possible that either unknown skipped numbers were issued (although unlikely), or the DIV skipped forward to an undetermined series. Based on the unusually high amount of registrations on 29 September (650+ !), another hypothesis would be that issuance was simply blocked due to some programming bug and that no S-B plates were issued between 23 and 29 September; the DIV was catching up with the delayed registrations on 29 and 30 September. Since then, the system has been stuck again… :(]

Pedelecs: SPAB 098 [NEW SERIES! First plate issued on 3 October 2016!]

Micro cars, micro format (10 x 12 cm): SUAH 638 [NEW SERIES! First plate issued on 3 October 2016!]
[Yet another problem: issuance seemed be stuck again since 30 September… Issuance actually stopped at S-UAD-875 and resumed at S-UAG 043 on 3 October, using the new micro format.] 
Discontinued: long format: S-UAD-875; small format: S-UZB 014.
[It seems there was a problem on 17 December 2015 because no plates were issued until 21 December 2015… No UAC plates were issued between 17 and 21 June 2016…]

Dealers: S-ZAA 005 [small format]
(S-ZAA 002 registered on 11 May 2015; S-ZAA 003 registered on 10 March 2016; S-ZAA 004 registered on 25 April 2016; S-ZAA 005 registered on 04 August 2016)

Test plates: S-ZZA 002 (S-ZZA 001 registered on 9 March 2015; S-ZZA 002 registered on 02 August 2016) [small format]

(For some (illogical) reason, scooter dealers do not get plates in the same style as other dealers, e.g. 1-ZSA-001 or 1-ZZS-001…)

T: paid transportation services

Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAD-208; square format: T-LYA 014; small format: T-LZA 032

Taxis: T-XAC-512; square format: T-XYA 003; small format: T-XZA 005

W: temporary plates ('World')

Cars, 2016: WA-16-BBF (total: 649 plates) [Skipped (7): AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI, ANE, ASS; AY*, AZ*]

Cars, 2017: WA-17-ANX (total: 360 plates) [Skipped (6): AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI, ANE]

Motorcycles, 2016: WM-16 AAJ (total: 10 plates)

Motorcycles, 2017: WM-17 AAE (total: 5 plates)

Trailers, 2017: WQ-17-AAA (total: 1 plate)

Scooters, 2017: WS-17 AAA (total: 1 plate)

X: export plates ('eXport')

Export plates, 2016: XA-16-KCW [issuance of 2016 plates has stopped on 1 December 2016] (total: 5,647 plates); square format: XA-16 AYA
['Forbidden' letters I, M, O, Q and W are used, probably because it increases the amount of combinations in the alphabetical sequence (26*26*26 = 17,576 combinations theoretically available instead of 21*21*21 = 9,261 [minus the reserved and forbidden series]). AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI (skipped for the first time!), ANE, ASS, BEB, BIT, BOM, BOY, BSP, BUB, BWP, CAP, CDF, CDH, CDV, CON, CSP, CUB, CUL, CUT, CVP, DCD, DIK, DOM, FAG [for the 1st time!], FAT [for the 1st time!], FDF, FNB [for the 1st time!], FOK, FOL, FOU, FUC, FUK, GAT, GAY, GEK, GOD, HIV, HOL, JEK and KAK were skipped (total: 44 plates), though, because they are forbidden combinations. Combinations starting with the letter I (IAA–IZZ) were skipped, too. AY*, AZ*, BY*, BZ*, CY*, CZ*, DY*, DZ*, EY*, EZ*, FY*, FZ*, GY*, GZ*, HY* and HZ* combinations were skipped as well because they are reserved for square and small formats.]

Export plates, 2017: XA-17-ACE (total: 55 plates) [NEW SERIES! First plates issued on 13 October 2016!] [Skipped (2): AAP, AAS]

Export motorcycle plates: XM-16 AAN (total: 14 plates)

Export trailer plates: XQ-16-AHX (total: 203 plates) [Skipped (3): AAP, AAS, AEL]

Export scooter plates [none yet; coding: XS-**-***] 

[Y: technical verifications (upcoming)]

[Z: dealers (upcoming)]

Most recent plate spotted by myself: 1-RDV-*** (spotted on 1 December 2016) 


Estimates for the next days (ordinary cars):

Saturday 3 December: REV* 
Monday 5 December: REV, REX, REY, REZ* 
Tuesday 6 December: RFA, RFB, RFC, RFD* 
Wednesday 7 December: RFE, RFF, RFG, RFH* 
Thursday 8 December: RFJ, RFK, RFL, RFN*

* Unless the DIV suddenly goes back to skipped JB*, JC*, JD* or LJ* series (see below).
[The letters I, M, O, Q and W are no longer in use.]  
[Next skipped series: SEX (around June 2017).]
[1-TX* and 1-W** series will be skipped because they were previously used or reserved for taxis or motorcycles, repectively; besides, W is not being used anymore.]

Some problems occurred:
– plates ranging from 1-JBA-201 up to 1-JBZ-999 were skipped. Then, plates ranging from 1-JCA-001 up to 1-JCB-201 were issued, before plates ranging from 1-JCB-202 to 1-JDZ-999 were skipped as well for an unknown reason. The issuance of registration numbers resumed at 1-JEA-001.
– plates ranging from 1-LJA-001 to 1-LJH-999 were also skipped for no reason. 
It appears that these plates were simply not made because they have never been ordered to the plate maker in the first place. One can assume that a mistake occurred at the level of orders, i.e. at bpost level.


2015 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2015 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-LXZ-834 ; square format: 1-CYK 018; small format: 1-AZG 158 / 1-AZN 511
  • Motorcycles: M-AEZ 253
  • Trailers: Q-ACC-738; square format: Q-AYB 410; small format: Q-AZA 019
  • Oldtimer cars: O-ABL-085; square format: O-AYE 263; small format: O-AZD 365
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAC 421
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-045 ; square format: O-QYA 018
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: O-SAA 002
  • Oldtimer scooters, B Class: O-SBA 018
  • Dealers: 1-ZAX-926; square format: 1-ZRA 020
  • Road tests: 1-ZZP-810; square format: 1-ZXA 033
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 444
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 307
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-236; square format: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-492; square format: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAB-500; square format: T-XYA 002; small format: T-XZA 004
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAB-704; square format: T-LYA 005; small format: T-LZA 019
  • Temporary plates: 1-052998 (16)
  • Motorcycle temporary plates: 1-999 806 (15)
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AL-535; square format: CD-YA 164; small format: CD-ZA 063
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 023
  • Tractors: G-LBW-870; square format: G-LYC 173 (+ G-LXH-002 and G-LYZ-701); small format: G-LZD 622
  • Scooters, A Class: S-AAJ 808
  • Scooters, B Class: S-BAR 430
  • Scooters, micro cars: S-UAB-127; small format: S-UZA 301
  • Scooter dealers: S-ZAA-002
  • Scooter road tests: S-ZZA-001
Discontinued – highs:
  • Motorcycles: 1-MNS-916
  • Trailers: 1-QFJ-391, 1-QYD-313, 1-QZA-051
  • Oldtimers: 1-OBX-098, 1-OYK-609, 1-OZH-338
  • Oldtimer trailers: 1-OQA-058
  • Taxis: 1-TXF-234, 1-TXY-008, 1-TXZ-013
  • Rental cars with driver: 2-TXL-881, 1-TXH-036, 1-TXV-067 
  • International plates, cars: 8-AAV-526; 8-AYA-724; 8-AZA-461
  • International plates, motorcycles: 8-MAB-375
  • International plates, trailers: 8-QAA-099; 8-QYA-004
  • Temporary plates, cars:  1-040399 (14) / 1-051664 (15) / 1-056570 (16) / 1-057002 (17)
  • Temporary plates, motorcycles: 1-999 665 (14)  1-999 776 (15) / 1-999 815 (16)

 2014 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2014 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-JJD-217; square format: 1-BYZ 082; small format: 1-AZK 071
  • Motorcycles: M-AAN 408
  • Trailers: Q-AAG-881; square format: Q-AYA 242
  • Oldtimer cars: O-AAD-951; square format: O-AYA 630; small format: O-AZA 501
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAA 202
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-004 ; square format: O-QYA 004
  • Dealers: 1-ZAV-536; square format: 1-ZRA 019
  • Road tests: 1-ZZO-087; square format: 1-ZXA 027
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 399
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 263
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-213; square format: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-441; square format: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAA-252; square format: T-XYA 001; small format: T-XZA 001
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAA-317; small format: T-LZA 006
  • Temporary plates: 1-042761 (15)
  • Motorcycle temporary plates: 1-999 710 (15)
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AJ-558; square format: CD-YA 135; small format: CD-ZA 051
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 004
  • Tractors: G-LBR-858; square format: G-LXE 199; small format: G-LZD 157
  • Scooters, A Class: S-AAD 368
  • Scooters, B Class: S-BAF 338
  • Scooters, micro cars: S-UAA-364; small format: S-UZA 087

(Total chaos for tractor plates: between 9 and 14 October 2014 combinations skipped in August were issued, ranging from G-LYY-375 to G-LYY-531. Then the issuing process went back to G-LXC-003 until G-LXE-004 [1999 plates]. On 16 December 2014, the DIV started issuing skipped combinations again, as of G-LYY-532 until G-LYZ-024. On 23 December 2014, issuance resumed as of G-LXE-005. Once G-LXE-999 had been reached on 23 January 2015, issuance went back to G-LYZ-025. On 27 January 2015, a leap from G-LYZ-091 to G-LXF-001 occurred. After reaching G-LXG-001 on 26 Januray 2015, issuance went back to G-LYZ-092 and continued until G-LYZ-562 on 19 May 2015, then plates following G-LXG-002 started being issued until 6 November 2015 with G-LXH-002. Then, as of 9 November 2015, issuance resumed at G-LYZ-563. It continued up to G-LYZ-701 on 16 December 2015, then issuance went back to G-LYC-103 and following, because some 300 plates had been skipped in October 2013!!!!!!!  "It's a complete and utter shambles!" [Lord Sugar] G-LYC-402 was issued on 16 February 2016 and was followed by G-LYZ-702. Issuance continued up to G-LYZ-998; then, G-LXH-003 followed. This means that G-LYZ-999 is the only plate in the G-LY* range that has never been issued.)