Sunday, July 22, 2018

Which series are currently being issued? (22 July 2018)

Cars: 1-URT-5**
(22 July 2018, 9.52 a.m.)

Series issued today: URT

Cars, square format: 1-DYL 03*; cars, small format: 1-AZX 064

Dealers: 1-ZBD-769; square format: 1-ZRA 027

Road tests: 1-ZZX-425; square format: 1-ZXA 055

Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 538

Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 408

Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-304; square format: 1-ZUZ 001

Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-605; square format: 1-ZZQ 003 

Index letters

CD: Corps Diplomatique

Cars: CD-AT-33*; square format: CD-YA 201; small format: CD-ZA 077

Motorcycles: CD-MA 110

G: agricultural vehicles

Tractor plates: G-LCE-634; square format: G-LXL 404; small format: G-LZE 076

M: motorcycles

Small format: M-ATB 0**

O: oldtimers

Cars: O-AEF-10*; square format: O-AYN 043; small format: O-AZK 945
[O-ADY and O-ADZ series were skipped altogether for no reason on 24 April 2018!!!]
[NEW DEVELOPMENT: Small format plates: issuance seemed to be stuck again, just like between 7 and 12 July 2017, but then I found out that O-BZA plates now being issued, just like in July! So it skippped straight from O-AZH 500 to O-BZA 001 on 7 July 2017 and reached O-BZA 072 on 12 July 2017, before going back to O-AZH 501 and following, until O-AZH 999 on 5 September 2017. Then issuance jumped forward to O-BZA 073 and continued up to O-BZA 100 on 7 September. Issuance was stuck until 12 September and resumed as of O-AZJ 001.]

Motorcycles: O-MAP 933

Trailers: O-QAA-226; square format: O-QYA 049; small format: O-QZA 003

Scooters, A Class: OSAB 803

Scooters, B Class: OSBG 599

Scooters, Micro cars: OSUA 103

Q: trailers

Long format: Q-AGW-2**; square format: Q-AYE 754; small format: Q-AZA 053

S: scooters

A Class: SAGJ 79*

B Class: SBJJ 80*

Pedelecs: SPAN 636 [On 29 June issuance jumped from SPAL 999 directly to SPAN 052, skipping 51 plates in the process. SPAM plates were not issued because M was still a forbidden letter when it could have been made in the factory.]

Micro cars: SUAN 502
[Issuance seemed to be stuck since 14 November 2017, but actually it reached SUAL 743, then went back to SUAJ 001 on 15 November 2017: plates ranging from SUAJ 001 to 500 had been skipped on 21 December 2016 for an unknown reason! However, issuance reached SUAJ 280 on 28 December 2017, then went back to SUAL 744 and continued up to SUAL 753 on 2 January 2018, only to start again at SUAJ 281!!! This is unbelievable! :( SUAJ 500 was eventually issued on 13 February 2018, closing the gap. The SUAM series was skipped as it was still featuring a forbidden letter when it could have been made in the factory. Perhaps SUAQ series will be issued in 2019.]

Dealers: SZAA 029 [micro format]
(S-ZAA 002 registered on 11 May 2015; S-ZAA 003 registered on 10 March 2016; S-ZAA 004 registered on 25 April 2016; S-ZAA 005 registered on 04 August 2016; S-ZAA 006 registered on 10 November 2016; S-ZAA 007 registered on 9 January 2017; S-ZAA 008 registered on 20 January 2017; S-ZAA 009 registered on 31 January 2017; S-ZAA-010 issued on 10 February 2017, S-ZAA 011 issued on 4 April 2017; S-ZAA 012 issued on 18 August 2017; S-ZAA 013 issued on 12 October 2017; S-ZAA 014 issued on 25 October 2017; SZAA 015 issued on 24 November 2017; SZAA 016 issued on 7 December 2017)

Test plates: SZZA 129 (S-ZZA 001 registered on 9 March 2015; S-ZZA 002 registered on 02 August 2016; S-ZZA 003 registered on 14 December 2016; S-ZZA 004 registered on 2 February 2017; S-ZZA 005 registered on 28 February 2017; S-ZZA 006 registered on 28 February 2017; S-ZAA 007 issued on 6 April 2017; Z-ZZA 008 issued on 7 April 2017; S-ZZA 009 issued on 12 April 2017; S-ZZA 010 issued on 21 April 2017; S-ZZA 011 issued on 27 April 2017; S-ZZA 012 issued on 27 April 2017; S-ZZA 013 registered on 3 May 2017; S-ZZA 014 registered on 8 May 2017; S-ZZA 015 registered on 16 May 2017; S-ZZA 016 registered on 6 June 2017; S-ZZA 017 registered on 6 June 2017; S-ZZA 018 registered on 13 June 2017; S-ZZA 019 registered on 6 July 2017; S-ZZA 020 registered on 6 July 2017; S-ZZA 021 registered on 31 July 2017; S-ZZA 022 registered on 8 August 2017; S-ZZA 023 registered on 8 August 2017, S-ZZA 024 registered on 8 August 2017; S-ZZA 025 registered on 8 August 2017; S-ZZA 026 registered on 8 August 2017; S-ZZA 027 registered on 10 August 2017; S-ZZA 028 registered on 10 August 2017; S-ZZA 029 registered on 10 August 2017; S-ZZA 030 registered on 10 August 2017; S-ZZA 031 registered on 15 September 2017; S-ZZA 032 registered on 15 September 2017; S-ZZA 033 and S-ZZA 034 issued on 16 October 2017; S-ZZA 035 and S-ZZA 036 issued on 25 October 2017; SZZA 037 issued on 8 November 2017; SZZA 038 to 043 issued on 9 November 2017; SZZA 044 issued on 10 November 2017; SZZA 045 and 046 issued on 14 November 2017; SZZA 047 and 048 issued on 22 November 2017; SZZA 049 issued on 23 November 2017; SZZA 050 and 051 issued on 24 November 2017; SZAA 052 issued on 8 December 2017; SZZA 053 issued on 12 December 2017; SZZA 054 issued on 14 December 2017; SZZA 055 issued on 17 December 2017; SZZA 056 to 058 issued on 18 December 2017; SZZA 059 issued on 19 December 2017) [micro format]

(For some (illogical) reason, scooter dealers do not get plates in the same style as other dealers, e.g. 1-ZSA-001 or 1-ZZS-001…)

T: paid transportation services

Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAH-007; square format: T-LYA 026; small format: T-LZA 057

Taxis: T-XAE-311; square format: T-XYA 003; small format: T-XZA 005

W: temporary plates ('World')

Cars: WA-17-CGD (total: 1,390 plates) [Skipped (18): AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI, ANE, ASS, BEB, BIT, BOM, BOY, BSP, BUB, BWP, CAP, CDF, CDH, CDV; AY*, AZ*, BY*, BZ*]; small format: WA-17-AZB (total: 2 plates)

Motorcycles: WM-17 AAO (total: 15 plates)

Trailers: WQ-17-AAA (total: 1 plate)

Scooters, A Class: WS-17 AAA (total: 1 plate)

Cars: WA-18-BJW (total: 855 plates) [Skipped (10): AAP, AAS, AEL, AII, AIO, ALA, ALI, ANE, ASS, BEB] [First plate issued on 18 July 2017.]; square format: WA-18-AYB (total: 2 plates [First plate issued on 17 October 2017); small format: WA-18 AZA (total: 1 plate)

Motorcycles: WM-18-AAG (total: 7 plates) [First plate issued on 7 August 2017]  

Scooters, B Class: WS-18 BAA (total: 1 plate) [First plate issued on 29 September 2017]

Cars: WA-19-AAH (total: 8 plates) [Skipped: 0] [First plate issued on 4 July 2018]; square format: (none); small format: (none)

X: export plates ('eXport') 

Cars: XA-17-UBV (total: 13,159 plates) (issuance ended on 1 December 2017) [Skipped (97): AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI, ANE, ASS, BEB, BIT, BOM, BOY, BSP, BUB, BWP, CAP, CDF, CDH, CDV, CON, CSP, CUB, CUL, CUT, CVP, DCD, DIK, DOM, FAG, FAT, FDF, FNB, FOK, FOL, FUC, FUK, GAT, GAY, GEK, GOD, HIV, HOL, III, JEK, KAK, KKQ, KUL, KUT, LAF, LDD, LSP, LUL, MAS, MCC, MDP, MOR, MOU, MST, NIC, NIK, NIQ, NVA, PDB, PDO, PET, PFF, PII, PIK, PIN, PIO, PIP, PIS, PJU, PKK, POT, PRL, PSB, PSC, PSL, PTB, PUE, PUT, PVV, PYK, PYN, PYP, PYS, QQQ, ROM, RPW, RWF, SEX, SOA, SOT, SPA, SUL, TET, TIT, TUE; AY*, AZ*, BY*, BZ*, CY*, CZ*, DY*, DZ*, EY*, EZ*, FY*, FZ*] [surprisingly GY*, GZ*, HY*, HZ*, I**, JY* and JZ* combinations were issued, unlike the previous *Y* and *Z* combinations and what happened for XA-16-*** plates…]; square format: XA-17-AYC (total: 3 plates [1st issued on 28 July 2017]); small format: XA-17-AZC (total: 3 plates)

Motorcycles: XM-17 ABW (total: 47 plates) [Skipped (2): AAP, AAS]

Trailers: XQ-17-APT (total: 404 plates) [Skipped (6): AAP, AAS, AEL, ALA, ALI, ANE]

Export scooter plates [none yet; coding: XS-17-***] 

Cars: XA-18-OXW (total: 9,870 plates) [Skipped (66): AAP, AAS, AEL, AII, AIO, ALA, ALI, ANE, ASS, BEB, BIT, BOM, BOY, BSP, BUB, BWP, CAP, CDF, CDH, CDV, CON, CSP, CUB, CUL, CUT, CVP, DCD, DIK, DOM, EII, EIO, FAG, FAT, FDF, FNB, FOK, FOL, FOU, FUC, FUK, GAT, GAY, GEK, GOD, HIV, HOL, III, JEK, KAK, KKQ, KUL, KUT, LAF, LDD, LSP, LUL, MAS, MCC, MDP, MOR, MOU, MST, NIC, NIK, NIK, NVA; AY*, AZ*, BY*, BZ*, IZ* (!), JZ* (!), KZ* (!), LZ* (!), MZ* (!), NZ* (!)] [First plate issued on 19 October 2017]; square format: XA-18 AYB (total: 2 plates) [First plate issued on 17 January 2018]; small format: XA-18 AZB (total: 2 plates) [First plate issued on 4 April 2018]

Motorcycles: XM-18-ABA (total: 25 plates) [Skipped (2): AAP, AAS] [First plate issued on 21 December 2017]

Trailers: XQ-18-AKB (total: 249 plates) [Skipped (5): AAP, AAS, AEL, AII, AIO] [First plate issued on 4 December 2017]

[Y: technical verifications (upcoming)]

[Z: dealers (upcoming)]

Most recent plate spotted by myself: 1-URE-*** (spotted on 18 July 2018) 


Estimates for the next days (ordinary cars):

Sunday 22 July: URT*
Monday 23 July: URT, URU, URV, URW* 
Tuesday 24 July: URX, URY, URZ, USA* 
Wednesday 25 July: USA, USB, USC, USD* 
Thursday 26 July: USD, USE, USF, USG* 
Friday 27 July: USH, USJ, USK*

* Unless the DIV unexpectedly goes back to skipped JB*, JC*, JD*, LJ* or TL* series (see the reasons below) — or even skipped 1-H** to 1-S** series with the letters M, Q and W!
[The letters I and O are no longer used, except for vanity plates. The letters M, Q and W were restricted for several years, but are now being used.] 
[Next skipped series: VCD ('Vlaams Christen Democraten' is the name of a minor Flemish political party)]
[1-TX* plates were skipped because they were previously used or reserved for taxis; 1-W** series will not be skipped even though they were originally reserved for motorcycles; indeed, M index letter is being used instead.]

Some problems occurred:
– plates ranging from 1-JBA-201 up to 1-JBZ-999 were skipped. Then, plates ranging from 1-JCA-001 up to 1-JCB-201 were issued, before plates ranging from 1-JCB-202 to 1-JDZ-999 were skipped as well for an unknown reason. The issuance of registration numbers resumed at 1-JEA-001.
– plates ranging from 1-LJA-001 to 1-LJH-999 were also skipped for no reason. 
– plates ranging from 1-TLM-904 up to 1-TMA-011 were skipped on 7 December for no reason. 
– plates ranging from 1-TRS-004 up to 1-TRW-007 were skipped on 24 January for no reason.
[Issuance reached 1-TSX-347, then went back to combinations skipped on 24 January 2018, starting from 1-TRS-004 up to 1-TRW-007, then back from 1-TSX-348] 
It appears that these plates were simply not made because they have never been ordered to the plate maker in the first place. One can assume that a mistake occurred at the level of orders, i.e. at bpost level.


2017 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2017 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-TNU-698; square format: 1-DYE 963; small format: 1-AZU 496
  • Motorcycles: M-APP 615
  • Trailers: Q-AFV-312; square format: Q-AYD 916; small format: Q-AZA 045
  • Oldtimer cars: O-ADS-555; square format: O-AYL 624; small format: O-AZJ 709
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAL 126
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-176; square format: O-QYA 042; small format: O-QZA 003
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: OSAB 395
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: OSBF 231
  • Oldtimer micro cars: OSUA 104
  • Dealers: 1-ZBC-093; square: 1-ZRA 025
  • Road tests: 1-ZZV-110; square: 1-ZXA 053
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 505
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 379
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-283; square: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-577; square: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAD-727; square: T-XYA 003; small: T-XZA 005
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAG-002; square: T-LYA 022 ; small: T-LZA 042
  • Temporary cars: WA-18-AIS; square: WA-18 AYA; small: WA-18-AZA
  • Temporary motorcycles: WM-18 AAD
  • Temporary trailers: none yet
  • Temporary A Class scooters: none yet
  • Temporary B Class scooters: WS-18 BAA
  • Export cars: XA-18-CAZ; square: none yet; small: none yet
  • Export motorcycles: XM-18 AAA
  • Export trailers: XQ-18-ABB
  • Export A Class scooters: none yet
  • Export B Class scooters: none yet
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AS-353; square: CD-YA 196; small: CD-ZA 075
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 094
  • Tractors: G-LCC-827; square: G-LXK 683; small: G-LZD 993
  • Scooters, A Class: SAFV 294
  • Scooters, B Class: SBHS 536
  • Scooters, Pedelecs: SPAH 291
  • Scooters, micro cars: SUAL 749
  • Scooter dealers: S-ZAA 017
  • Scooter road tests: S-ZZA 060

2016 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2016 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-RHT-015; square format: 1-CYV 219; small format: 1-AZR 941
  • Motorcycles: M-AJX 253
  • Trailers: Q-ADY-865; square format: Q-AYC 631; small format: Q-AZA 033
  • Oldtimer cars: O-ACP-263; square format: O-AYH 539; small format: O-AZG 059
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAF 915
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-109; square format: O-QYA 028; small format: O-QZA 001
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: OSAA 435
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: OSBB 689
  • Oldtimer micro cars: [none]; square format: O-SUW 002
  • Dealers: 1-ZAZ-996; square: 1-ZRA 023
  • Road tests: 1-ZZS-399; square: 1-ZXA 048
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 480
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 346
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-263; square: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-539; square: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAC-576; square: T-XYA 003; small: T-XZA 005
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAD-310; square: T-LYA 014 ; small: T-LZA 033
  • Temporary cars: WA-17-ARM
  • Temporary motorcycles: WM-17 AAE
  • Temporary trailers: WQ-17-AAA
  • Temporary scooters: WS-17-AAA
  • Export cars: XA-17-BHZ; square: none; small: XA-17-AZA
  • Export motorcycles: XM-17-AAB
  • Export trailers: XQ-17-ABH
  • Export scooters: none
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AP-411; square: CD-YA 183; small: CD-ZA 069
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 057
  • Tractors: G-LCA-193; square: G-LXJ 429; small: G-LZD 853
  • Scooters, A Class: SAEP 864
  • Scooters, B Class: SBFY 479
  • Scooters, Pedelecs: SPAB 537
  • Scooters, micro cars: SUAJ 520
  • Scooter dealers: S-ZAA 006
  • Scooter road tests: S-ZZA 003 

2015 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2015 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-LXZ-834 ; square format: 1-CYK 018; small format: 1-AZG 158 / 1-AZN 511
  • Motorcycles: M-AEZ 253
  • Trailers: Q-ACC-738; square format: Q-AYB 410; small format: Q-AZA 019
  • Oldtimer cars: O-ABL-085; square format: O-AYE 263; small format: O-AZD 365
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAC 421
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-045 ; square format: O-QYA 018
  • Oldtimer scooters, A Class: O-SAA 002
  • Oldtimer scooters, B Class: O-SBA 018
  • Dealers: 1-ZAX-926; square format: 1-ZRA 020
  • Road tests: 1-ZZP-810; square format: 1-ZXA 033
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 444
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 307
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-236; square format: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-492; square format: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAB-500; square format: T-XYA 002; small format: T-XZA 004
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAB-704; square format: T-LYA 005; small format: T-LZA 019
  • Temporary plates: 1-052998 (16)
  • Motorcycle temporary plates: 1-999 806 (15)
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AL-535; square format: CD-YA 164; small format: CD-ZA 063
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 023
  • Tractors: G-LBW-870; square format: G-LYC 173 (+ G-LXH-002 and G-LYZ-701); small format: G-LZD 622
  • Scooters, A Class: S-AAJ 808
  • Scooters, B Class: S-BAR 430
  • Scooters, micro cars: S-UAB-127; small format: S-UZA 301
  • Scooter dealers: S-ZAA-002
  • Scooter road tests: S-ZZA-001
Discontinued – highs:
  • Motorcycles: 1-MNS-916
  • Trailers: 1-QFJ-391, 1-QYD-313, 1-QZA-051
  • Oldtimers: 1-OBX-098, 1-OYK-609, 1-OZH-338
  • Oldtimer trailers: 1-OQA-058
  • Taxis: 1-TXF-234, 1-TXY-008, 1-TXZ-013
  • Rental cars with driver: 2-TXL-881, 1-TXH-036, 1-TXV-067 
  • International plates, cars: 8-AAV-526; 8-AYA-724; 8-AZA-461
  • International plates, motorcycles: 8-MAB-375
  • International plates, trailers: 8-QAA-099; 8-QYA-004
  • Temporary plates, cars:
    • 1-040399 (14) 
    • 1-051664 (15) 
    • 1-056570 (16)
    • 1-057002 (17)
  • Temporary plates, motorcycles:
    • 1-999 665 (14) 
    • 1-999 776 (15) 
    • 1-999 815 (16)
  • Scooter plates, small format:
    • A Class: S-ABK 217
    • B Class: S-BCC 990
    • Micro cars: S-UAD-875; small: S-UZB 014
  • Oldtimer scooter plates, small format:
    • A Class: O-SAA 102
    • B Class: O-SBA 529
    • Micro cars: O-SUW 002
  • 2016 temporary plates:
    • Cars: WA-16-BBF [649 plates]
    • Motorcycles: WM-16-AAJ [9 plates]
    • Trailers: none
    • Scooters: none
  • 2016 export plates:
    • Cars: XA-16-KCW [5,647 plates]; square: XA-16-AYA [1 plate]
    • Motorcycles: XM-16-AAN [14 plates]
    • Trailers: XQ-16-AHX [203 plates]
    • Scooters: none
  • 2017 temporary plates:
    • Cars: WA-17-CGD [1,390 plates]; square: none; small: WA-17 AZB [2 plates]
    • Motorcycles: WM-17 AAO [15 plates]
    • Trailers: WQ-17-AAA [1 plate]
    • Scooters, A Class: WS-17 AAA [1 plate]
    • Scooters, B Class: none
  • 2017 export plates:
    • Cars: XA-17-UBV [13,159 plates]; square: XA-17 AYC [3 plates]; small: XA-17 AZC [3 plates]
    • Motorcycles: XM-17 ABW [47 plates]
    • Trailers: XQ-17-APT [404 plates];square: none; small: none
    • Scooters, A Class: none
    • Scooters, B Class: none

 2014 highs (i.e. highest combinations on 31 December 2014 at 11.59 p.m.):
  • Cars: 1-JJD-217; square format: 1-BYZ 082; small format: 1-AZK 071
  • Motorcycles: M-AAN 408
  • Trailers: Q-AAG-881; square format: Q-AYA 242
  • Oldtimer cars: O-AAD-951; square format: O-AYA 630; small format: O-AZA 501
  • Oldtimer motorcycles: O-MAA 202
  • Oldtimer trailers: O-QAA-004 ; square format: O-QYA 004
  • Dealers: 1-ZAV-536; square format: 1-ZRA 019
  • Road tests: 1-ZZO-087; square format: 1-ZXA 027
  • Motorcycle dealers: 1-ZMA 399
  • Motorcycle road tests: 1-ZZM 263
  • Trailer dealers: 1-ZUA-213; square format: 1-ZUZ 001
  • Trailer road tests: 1-ZZU-441; square format: 1-ZZQ 003
  • Taxis: T-XAA-252; square format: T-XYA 001; small format: T-XZA 001
  • Rental cars with chauffeur: T-LAA-317; small format: T-LZA 006
  • Temporary plates: 1-042761 (15)
  • Motorcycle temporary plates: 1-999 710 (15)
  • Diplomatic cars: CD-AJ-558; square format: CD-YA 135; small format: CD-ZA 051
  • Diplomatic motorcycles: CD-MA 004
  • Tractors: G-LBR-858; square format: G-LXE 199; small format: G-LZD 157
  • Scooters, A Class: S-AAD 368
  • Scooters, B Class: S-BAF 338
  • Scooters, micro cars: S-UAA-364; small format: S-UZA 087

(Total chaos for tractor plates: between 9 and 14 October 2014 combinations skipped in August were issued, ranging from G-LYY-375 to G-LYY-531. Then the issuing process went back to G-LXC-003 until G-LXE-004 [1999 plates]. On 16 December 2014, the DIV started issuing skipped combinations again, as of G-LYY-532 until G-LYZ-024. On 23 December 2014, issuance resumed as of G-LXE-005. Once G-LXE-999 had been reached on 23 January 2015, issuance went back to G-LYZ-025. On 27 January 2015, a leap from G-LYZ-091 to G-LXF-001 occurred. After reaching G-LXG-001 on 26 Januray 2015, issuance went back to G-LYZ-092 and continued until G-LYZ-562 on 19 May 2015, then plates following G-LXG-002 started being issued until 6 November 2015 with G-LXH-002. Then, as of 9 November 2015, issuance resumed at G-LYZ-563. It continued up to G-LYZ-701 on 16 December 2015, then issuance went back to G-LYC-103 and following, because some 300 plates had been skipped in October 2013!!!!!!!  "It's a complete and utter shambles!" [Lord Sugar] G-LYC-402 was issued on 16 February 2016 and was followed by G-LYZ-702. Issuance continued up to G-LYZ-998; then, G-LXH-003 followed. This means that G-LYZ-999 is the only plate in the G-LY* range that has never been issued.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

News: "Nouveau boom de demande de plaques personnalisées" (

Nouveau boom de demande de plaques personnalisées

12/04/18 à 06:53 – Source: Belga

Depuis que leur prix a baissé, la demande en plaques d'immatriculation personnalisées a fortement augmenté, selon des chiffres demandés par le député Veli Yüksel (CD&V) au ministre de la Mobilité François Bellot (MR). Depuis que cette possibilité a été introduite, en avril 2014, celles-ci ont rapporté 19 millions d'euros au Trésor.

Après un prix initial de 1.000 euros, la note avait été relevée à 2.000 euros en décembre 2015. Ce qui avait entrainé une baisse considérable de la demande.

Jusqu'en novembre 2015, une moyenne de 546 demandes parvenaient mensuellement à l'Etat, puis ce chiffre est retombé à 141 en 2016 et 2017, à la suite de la hausse de prix. Des "6,4 millions d'euros" récoltés en 2015 par l'Etat, la recette avait baissé jusqu'à 3,7 millions en 2016 puis 3,3 l'an dernier, indique Veli Yüksel.

En décembre dernier, il a été décidé de revenir au prix initial de 1.000 euros, et cela s'avère payant: "de décembre à mars 2018, nous pouvons voir que les demandes ont de nouveau augmenté, vers une moyenne de 469,5 par mois".


Thursday, April 12, 2018

News: "Prijsdaling maakt gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat weer populair" (

Prijsdaling maakt gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat weer populair

| Bron: BELGA

De vraag naar gepersonaliseerde nummerplaten is sinds de prijsdaling opnieuw fors gestegen. Dat blijkt uit gegevens die Kamerlid Veli Yüksel (CD&V) kreeg van minister van Mobiliteit François Bellot (MR). Sinds de invoering in 2014 leverden de nummerplaten al 19 miljoen euro op voor de federale schatkist.

Sinds april 2014 is het in ons land mogelijk om een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat aan te vragen. Aanvankelijk bedroeg de kostprijs 1.000 euro, maar wegens het grote succes was die in december 2015 opgetrokken tot 2.000 euro.

Dat leidde tot een gigantische terugval. Terwijl tot november 2015 nog maandelijks gemiddeld 546 gepersonaliseerde nummerplaten werden aangevraagd, waren er dat na de verdubbeling van de prijs gemiddeld nog maar 141 per maand in 2016 en 2017. “Daardoor brachten de gepersonaliseerde nummerplaten in 2016 en 2017 maar de helft op van het jaar ervoor”, zegt Yüksel. “De inkomsten voor de federale overheid daalden van 6,4 miljoen euro in 2015 naar 3,7 miljoen in 2016 en 3,3 miljoen euro in 2017.”

Daarom besliste de federale regering in december om de prijs weer te laten zakken tot 1.000 euro, en de maatregel blijkt zijn vruchten af te werpen. “Tussen december 2017 en maart 2018 zien we dat het aantal aanvragen weer gestegen is naar gemiddeld 469,5 per maand”, aldus Yüksel. “Nu de prijs terug op 1.000 euro ligt, lijken de inkomsten zich te herstellen.”


Friday, November 24, 2017

News: "Vanaf 4 december betaal je opnieuw minder voor een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat" (

Vanaf 4 december betaal je opnieuw minder voor een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat

Vanaf 4 december betaal je opnieuw 1.000 euro in plaats van 2.000 euro voor een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat. De verminderde prijs komt er nadat de prijs voor een gepersonaliseerde plaat in december 2015 werd verdubbeld, van 1.000 naar 2.000 euro. Die beslissing wordt nu dus teruggedraaid. 
“Het koninklijk besluit waarbij de prijs voor een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat op 1.000 euro wordt teruggebracht, wordt vandaag in het Belgisch Staatsblad bekendgemaakt”, aldus Minister van Mobiliteit François Bellot. 

“In december 2015 werd de prijs voor een gepersonaliseerde kentekenplaat verdubbeld van 1000 naar 2000 euro”, zo licht minister Bellot toe. “Sindsdien hebben we een duidelijke terugval van het aantal aanvragen voor dergelijke nummerplaten vastgesteld, hoewel de belangstelling er niet minder op was geworden. Gelet op deze vaststelling en overwegende dat de prijs wellicht één van de hinderpalen vormt voor de aanschaf van een gepersonaliseerde nummerplaat, had ik dan ook voorgesteld om opnieuw de initiële prijs te hanteren.” 


Saturday, September 9, 2017

News: "Le prix d'une plaque personnalisée redescend à 1.000 euros!" (

Le prix d'une plaque personnalisée redescend à 1.000 euros!

Le conseil des ministres a décidé de réduire de moitié le prix d’une plaque d’immatriculation personnalisée. Il en reviendra donc au montant initial, soit 1.000 euros, a indiqué le ministre de la Mobilité, François Bellot.

Les plaques personnalisées seront moins chères
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Les plaques personnalisées seront moins chères 

En décembre 2015, le prix est passé à 2.000 euros. «Depuis ce moment, nous avons observé une baisse significative du nombre de demandes de telles plaques alors que l’intérêt n’a pas baissé. Alors qu’auparavant, le nombre de demandes fluctuait entre 360 et 740 par mois, il a chuté depuis décembre 2015 et oscille depuis lors entre 100 et 200 par mois», a expliqué le ministre.
Le pic maximal du nombre de demandes avait été atteint en avril 2014, avec 979 demandes. En mai 2017, 130 demandes étaient enregistrées. «Devant ce constat, le prix étant sans doute un des freins à l’acquisition d’une plaque personnalisée, j’ai proposé d’en revenir au prix initial», a précisé le ministre.

Un arrêté royal sera publié dans les mois qui viennent.


Friday, August 18, 2017

News: "Illegale VL-nummerplaat: N-VA-senator op vingers getikt" (

Illegale VL-nummerplaat: N-VA-senator op vingers getikt

 Illegale VL-nummerplaat: N-VA-senator op vingers getikt In plaats van de verplichte ‘B’, prijken op de nummerplaat van Karl Vanlouwe de letters ‘VL’. (© Foto: RR, Belga)

Een blitse BMW met op de nummerplaat ‘VL’ in plaats van ‘B’. Op zich niet zo vreemd, in Vlaanderen rijden duizenden mensen rond die hun nummerplaat ‘vervlaamst’ hebben. Maar deze wagen is van senator Karl Vanlouwe (N-VA, ­foto) en heeft een officiële nummerplaat van de ­Senaat: P-17. “Het is mijn ­eigen wagen en ik heb er uit mijn overtuiging VL ­opgeplakt”, zegt hij. Maar de senaatsvoorzitter is not amused. Vanlouwe zal het moeten komen uitleggen.

Daarmee overtreedt Vanlouwe de wet. “De letter B op de nummerplaat moet zichtbaar zijn onder de Europese vlag”, aldus de FOD Mobiliteit. Een sticker ­elders op de wagen is geen probleem.

Zijn aangepaste nummerplaat leverde Vanlouwe een boete op. Die weigerde hij te betalen, wat hij voor de politierechtbank moest komen uitleggen. Het ­moment voor Vanlouwe om voor de rechter een pleidooi te houden tegen beboeting van VL-stickers: “In de wet staat dat de nummerplaat herkenbaar moet blijven”, zegt hij. “Dat is het geval, want de politie wist mij te vinden. Bij oude nummerplaten staat die B niet eens op de nummerplaat. Veel mensen rijden daar nog mee rond, die krijgen toch geen boetes?”

Not amused

De FOD Mobiliteit oordeelt dat Vanlouwe de wet overtreedt. "De letter B op de nummerplaat moet zichtbaar zijn onder de Europese vlag", klinkt het daar. Vanlouwe ziet er echter geen graten in. "In de wet staat dat de nummerplaat herkenbaar moet blijven. Dat is het geval want de politie wist mij te vinden", klonk het voor de rechtbank. "Bij oude nummerplaten staat die B niet eens op de nummerplaat. Veel mensen rijden daar nog mee rond, die krijgen toch geen boetes?"

Senaatsvoorzitter Christine Defraigne is alvast 'not amused'. Volgens haar "respecteert de senator zijn functie niet". De zaak komt waarschijnlijk voor op de eerstvolgende bijeenkomst van de Senaat op 28 augustus.


News: "Le sénateur Karl Vanlouwe (N-VA) modifie sa plaque d'immatriculation et refuse de payer l'amende" (

Le sénateur Karl Vanlouwe (N-VA) modifie sa plaque d'immatriculation et refuse de payer l'amende

Le premier vice-président du Sénat Karl Vanlouwe (N-VA) a remplacé le "B" de Belgique figurant sur sa plaque d'immatriculation par un "VL" pour Vlaanderen (Flandre), une adaptation illégale aux yeux du SPF Mobilité, rapportent jeudi les journaux de SudPresse et Het Nieuwsblad. Le nationaliste flamand refuse toutefois de payer une amende qu'il a reçue pour cette modification.

"Les plaques belges doivent avoir un B bien visible sous le drapeau européen. Cette obligation découle d'une réglementation européenne", précise le SPF Mobilité. Les contrevenants à cette règle s'exposent à une amende de base de 58 euros.

Convoqué devant un tribunal de police après avoir refusé de s'acquitter d'une amende, M. Vanlouwe s'est justifié en arguant que la loi belge stipule que la plaque doit être visible et identifiable, ce qui est son cas. Les anciennes plaques n'ayant pas de B, il faudrait donc verbaliser tous ceux qui les utilisent toujours, estime-t-il, tout en reconnaissant que ses motivations sont idéologiques.

La présidente du Sénat, Christine Defraigne, n'apprécie pas le comportement du sénateur N-VA. "Je prends note de l'infraction au code de la route alors que nous nous sommes engagés à respecter les lois du peuple belge. (...) C'est une façon de ne pas respecter l'architecture de notre pays et la loyauté fédérale issue de la sixième réforme de l'État, une façon de récuser notre système constitutionnel", a-t-elle commenté dans les colonnes de SudPresse.

L'affaire devrait être abordée lors du bureau du Sénat du 28 août.

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